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                                                                Golden Chemical Attends 11th CPCDE

                                                                Author:    Click:151    DateTime:2018-11-26 15:42:16

                                                                       Golden Chemical’s Household and Personal Care division attended the 11th International Cosmetics, Personal Care & Detergents Expo (CPCDE) was held at Zhuhai from November 20 to 22. Experts from Dow Chemical were invited to exchange ideas with clients at our stand. 

                                                                       Our highlighted products showcased at the Expo include:

                                                                       Materials for laundry detergents, surfactants, dispersants, defoamers, chelating agents and other auxiliaries, softener          SUPRACARE? 133 used in Dow’s new two-in-one laundry detergent, and organosilicone softener GT8800;

                                                                       A whole set of solution of detergents for dishwasher, low-foam surfactants, dispersants and chelating agents; two new low-foam surfactants, LFE141 and LFE635, which were introduced by Dow for the first time and featured less foam and better wettability, can be applied to any low-foam formulas;

                                                                       Flavors for softeners from International Flavors & Fragrance (IFF), widely acclaimed at the Expo;

                                                                       Green chelating agent GLDA MGDA from Nouryon (originally known as AkzoNobel);

                                                                       Solvay’s new product Poloxamer 407 (F-127).


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